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Annual Salmon Dinner

Our annual Salmon Dinner is scheduled for Saturday, June 8th, 2019.

MNO Save The Date

This year’s MNO is being held on Friday, September 27th, 2019! This is our major fundraiser for the year in support of SSVP, Elizabeth House, youth projects, and St. Peter’s improvement project.   For details please go to the MNO website: http://stpetersmensnightout.com/event-details/

Tickets can be purchased at: https://kofc8146.com/mno/

Upcoming dates and signup links for our council ministry masses:

  • None yet scheduled

About our Council

Our Knights of Columbus council is named after Saint Don Bosco, who was an Italian Roman Catholic priest, educator and writer of the 19th century, who put into practice the convictions of his religion, dedicating his life to the betterment and education of street children, juvenile delinquents, and other disadvantaged youth. It was founded in 1986 through the efforts of a group of devote men at St. Peter’s, and currently have over 210 active members.
The Don Bosco council works closely with St. Peter’s parish providing service (our donation of talents, time and funds) for various projects, especially those pertaining to the spiritual development and support for our parish’s youth.

Need more information regarding the Knights?

Have you wanted to know more about the Knights, but weren’t sure how and where to get more information?
Our Grand Knight, Angelo Scarpino, would be pleased to answer any questions you may have. You can contact him by email at GK@kofc8146.com.
For more information about the Knight of Columbus click on the video below.
Check out the Knights of Columbus.

Contact Info

541 Silvergrove Dr. NW, Calgary, Alberta

Web: https://kofc8146.com


Executive Meetings: 7:30 pm on the last Wednesday of the month.

Council Meetings: 7:30 pm on the first Wednesday of the month.

In case of change please check with the website calendar or Facebook.

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