Thank you for using our Council’s link to Amazon to help in our fundraising efforts.

Click the Amazon image below to go to Any purchases you make will earn money in support of our Council’s charitable initiatives.

Important: You must complete any purchase within 24 hours after clicking our Council Amazon link (the “” image).
If you leave items in your Amazon shopping cart and do not return to Amazon by clicking our Council Amazon link and complete the purchase in 24 hours, the items will still be in your cart, but we will not get credit for the purchase. So be sure that the only way you go to Amazon is by clicking our Council Amazon link.

Share this link with everyone you know, and ask them to share this link with everyone they know. Most likely you have friends, family and co-workers that purchase on Amazon. There is no cost to them, and they will have the satisfaction with the knowledge that they helped fund local charitable organisations.

Simply copy the link to this page and email it:

Thank you for supporting this Council and the charitable organizations that we work with!